Friday, June 23, 2006

UPS waveform article

Saw this article about waveforms from UPS units today and since all 16 of the APC-650 units I have are exactly what is shown in this article, I thought I'd link over to it. I have experienced problems with running UPS units from my small portable generator before, so now I want to go check it out a little and see if I can determine why. Just need to find someone with a scope and some time...

Jesse (the author of the article I mentioned) has also written about a UPS modification he did.

I have a couple of power conditioners from someone who didn't want to bother trying to surplus them. Never had a use for them before, but perhaps now I do! These are the type that claim to create clean power from dirty. They are quite heavy. I want to see if putting them between the generator and the UPS units clears up the problems I have seen in the past. I'll update this article with a model number and a link when I can.

FWIW, I have one of these 110 <-> 220 Step Up / Step Down Transformer / Voltage Conversion units too but I have absolutly no use for it that I can fathom right now. I'm pretty sure it's a model UDC-1500. If anybody locally needs one, you know who to ask!

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