Tuesday, March 28, 2006

UPSs save the day

Well, okay, not my whole day, but put together they saved my group at work an awful lot of time today. The power went out this afternoon while I had several long processes running and at least 15 edit windows open (with various stages of unsaved work). While some people here have all of their stuff (typically two 21" CRT monitors and a CPU) plugged into one 800VA UPS, I had the foresight to horde enough older units that I could plug each component into its own UPS (I have a 650VA unit for each monitor and a 1000VA hidden behind the filing cabinet for the CPU :).

The power was out for about 30 minutes. Both of my monitor UPS units died (one after 10, and the other after about 20 minutes), but my CPU stayed up (along with my work). Most people were at least able to save their work (they lasted 10 minutes or so). Sure makes me wonder why some people think that UPS units are not worth what we pay for them...

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