Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Link added on VIP Bloggers

OK, so I'm not a VIP, (or a CEO, CTO, HMO, or anything else) nor do I think that I really have much on this page that people who come here from the VIPBloggers web site (first square on the second line) will want to read. Most of my ramblings are about battery chargers and other technical stuff that I have played with.

When I originally got the block of pixels on the site, I didn't even plan on linking back to this blog. I had it pointing at Paul Allen's blog and I was going to wait 'till I thought I had something worthwhile to link to. Like maybe the genealogy I've been working on, or the archive of information on converting old UPS units for Amateur Radio use (yeah, you don't want to miss it). Then Paul went and got his own space and his own link (the nerve!). So, anyway, here you are. Have at it...

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