Monday, November 07, 2005

Progress report


I haven't taken Itok out for a run in a while and it's probably going to rain tonight and for a few days this week. He did get out in the front yard on Saturday while we were cleaning the garage. I thought he would stick around and play with us, but instead, he took off running (he LOVES to run). Taylor and Bryce spent about 15 minutes chasing him down. He didn't even act the least bit sorry for running off. He's going to learn how to come to a whistle no matter how many bags of doggie treats (or hot dogs) it takes!

Slide Scanning

I've done 20 boxes now for a total of just under 1000 slides (a few weren't completely full). I also scanned a bunch of documents that Janice's mom had on her pioneer ancestors that we haven't seen yet. I had intended to read some of them today while we were in Logan babysitting, but we played with the kids instead. 13 more boxes and I can start on my Grampa Hemsworth's slides.

Furniture re-arrangement

The family room was the victim this month. We moved everything (including the piano). It seems a lot bigger now at least when you stand at one end and look down to the other end (there's nothing in the way anymore).


My PocketTracker worked fairly well today on our trip with my digipeater and with the one on Shepherd Peak up in Layton but none of the others in the area seem to know what to do with it. I'll have to bring it in and look at the programming. You can follow it here on

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