Monday, November 07, 2005

Battery testing is progressing

Ok, so we just got back from visiting friends in Logan. It's been a long day and I want to go to sleep but I have to put just one more battery on the CBA. I'm numbering each of the batteries that I test and I'm up to 77 with this last one that I'm doing for a friend.

So far, I've found that several of my main batteries (the ones I thought were reasonably good) are actually pretty much worthless (at least for more than a few Amp hours worth). I still have 4 or 5 more to gather and test for the first time (they're in use in various places), but I've gone through most of the rest now.

I also found out that some that I thought weren't that great test out like they're brand new. Of course there are some in between that aren't totally dead yet. Like the 100Ah behemoth that came out around 80Ah even though it's been sitting for 12 months.

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