Tuesday, October 25, 2005

So, I have a blog now.

Wanna know what I'm up to? Don't rely on this! I doubt I'll be very consistent about keeping it up to date.

I have a few projects going on right now:

Battery testing - still waiting for the
CBA II to arrive.

  • I plan on testing all of the batteries in the truckload of UPS units I picked up from the giveaway at work. If any are good, I'll probably see if anyone in the BYU ham club would like to use them - they were going to do a project a while back, but ended up with a battery supply problem. As for the UPS units themselves, I'll try to pair them with good batteries and see if anyone in ARES wants them.
Slide scanning - I'm on box 17 out of 33.
  • There are 50 slides in each box.
  • I figured out recently that it takes me about 4 hours to scan each box (that's about 5 minutes per slide).
  • The newest version of VueScan has really made the Infrared cleaning work well on my Minolta D'Image 5400 II film scanner.
Sled dog training
  • Itok (short for Maniitok) has gone out twice now in harness.
  • He didn't have any trouble figuring out that I wanted him to pull me.
  • He wasn't worried in the least about this big heavy guy on a bike following him while he ran as fast as he could.
  • We inherited a 4 wheel "go-cart" from the neighbors - it has a two cylinder engine mounted on the back. I'm going to take it off - my engine will be connected by a tow rope. It's a heavy go-cart (probably a bit heavier than this one), but if he gets real strong, or I can recruit some other neighborhood dogs...
ISP Switch
  • I've given up on using Digis as my ISP. The high latency and packet loss were just too much to take with my VOIP telephone service. For normal web surfing, etc. they're fine (except I didn't really like the metered traffic business).
  • I hooked my network to my son's network and after pestering him to help me with IP address issues while he was trying to sleep last night, everything works great!
  • I may have some wireless equipment to sell soon. Actually, Andrew will probably end up using it and I won't get anything for it. Oh well...

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