Thursday, October 27, 2005

Got my CBA (battery tester)

I've been analyzing some batteries since I got my CBA II in the mail yesterday. I was going to do some work with commercial AA batteries, but I see that someone has already done it: CandlePowerForums - View Single Post - Alkaline Battery Shoot Out

So far, I have tested about 25 batteries including several 18650 cells from a Dell computer battery pack. I located a couple of bad cells from the pack and hope that after charging, the others will prove to be decent.

I found that my 50 Ah gell cell that I was using as an add-on battery for my UPS was only capable of delivering 12 Ah @ a 5 amp rate (pretty pathetic considering that in UPS service, it would be called on to produce 20-30 amps or so). Looks like I will be finding new batteries for the UPS. At a 2 Ah rate, this battery may serve well for someone in a dorm somewhere with a handheld radio - we'll see. I ran a test at 2 amps for a while list night, but gave up because it was still going this morning. I'll probably continue testing the smallest cells (and batteries) first and move up to the larger ones which take longer to test.

Charging is going to be painful - the only Li-Ion capable charger I have is a Maha MH-C777PLUS. It's a great charger, but it's going to be slow doing one cell at a time (the best way to analyze them individually). I guess that's OK, once they're all in packs, it won't be so bad ('till I need to break 'em apart to figure out which cell has died).

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