Sunday, February 05, 2006

Another article and a dead fan.

This is good (if biased and stale) information:

Ample Power Primer

"Biased" in that the company's products are mentioned throughout the articles. Based on what I've read from them, I would probably be happy owning some of their products if I had the need.

"Stale" is relative though. This technology hasn't been changing as much as in the computer world I move in daily. If nothing else, at least read The Power Equation article.

On another note...

The battery charger that I had before developed a problem in the fan. At the charge rates it used (25 Amps) not having a fan would have been very bad (it was not a large heavy transformer based charger). I returned it and switched to its cousin: Schumacher WM-6000A. The two are not that much different in charge rates, but the new one seems to be somewhat smarter in how it applies the charge to the battery. It was $72 at Wal-Mart. I'll write some more about its charge methodology later when I've had time to analyze it more. For now, it seems to do fine - and as a bonus, the fan is functional (and much quieter).

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